Serious Growth "Big Gripper"

Price: $29.00

Take your grip training to the next level with the Serious Growth "Big Gripper". With its 350lbs spring and extra-long handles the Big Gripper allows you infinite tension adjustments and truly killer forearm workouts. This single gripper replaces a whole pile of standard grippers, it allows for brutal extra heavy static holds, a key to activating mTOR for maximizing gains. Careful with this one boys and girls you may get addicted.

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Praise for the "Big Gripper":

"...I can see the results in both arms and feel the strenth."

"The gripper is well designed and not like the junk in the stores. I started out jumping right in the training program. Now after two weeks I can see the results in both arms and feel the strenth. I recommend this product. The video is a great training aid that will show you the proper grip and use of the product."

-- Dr. JR

"...a quality piece of equipment."

"When I got the trainer first thing I thought was this is a quality piece of equipment. Built well true non slip gripping and not overly thick. I really like it but the training video was perfect, because he explained the correct way to hold it and do each exercise. The proper routine to get maximum benefits from the exercises. I live in Georgia and occupy my days trapping and rasseling wild hogs and alligators."

-- S. Purvis

"I've noticed my grip strength improved in just five days..."

"It is definitely a lot different than the grippers you get at the store. I am super happy with it. I've used it the past five days. The video was extremely useful especially in the beginning when you are starting out. I've noticed my grip strength improve in just five days and I cant wait to see my results after a month! Or six! I would recommend this to anyone, but the sets go by quick and theres no excuses not to do this."

-- V, Racey

"VERY BEST trainer I've ever used..."

"This is the VERY BEST trainer I've ever used for my grip. I was in the hospital for 3 neck surgeries and really needed help with my grip. This is the very BEST that I've had access too yet!"

-- Robert H.

"...I already have seen the amazing results in my gripping power."

"The trainer is by far the best. Well constructed and the video is very simple to understand. I'm a truck driver and I already have seen the amazing results in my gripping power. I'm a 64 year old man and this item is the best, I recommend it highly."

-- J. Hudson