Make a promise…. follow through

Published On: September 6, 2019

It’s all about accountability, and exactly what’s missing everywhere these days. It’s a sign of the times, and from my perspective not a good one. I’ve been in the personal training business long enough to have seen my fill.

Through the years I’ve witnessed a generation that has gotten soft, with the next getting progressively worse. There’s lack of fortitude and increasing cases, lack of respect for oneself and others. Our youth have gotten pathetically passive, not 100% being their fault. I come from a time when I was young, where I had to do chores before and after school, with consequences if I slacked off.

Now I’m sounding like my dad, little did I know how right he was. He was teaching me lifelong lessons in which I was completely oblivious. How could I know, I was freaking ten. Growing up on a family farm was one of the best things that happened to me. Thanks dad. 

That was my launching pad for life that helped me get through school, sports, kids, divorce, and life in general. Along with learning that accountability was important, knowing there were consequences for my actions or lack thereof has turned out to be the big daddy of all life lessons.

When I see what’s happening in today’s society I’m sure some good ole fashion manual labor is the answer. I know for a fact this is key, using my own kids as the example. Although they were not raised on a dairy farm with chores, that didn’t get them off the hook. 

In their case I used sports to teach and develop their life long lessons.Through sport they learned the value of accountability, adversity, perseverance, and consequences. They’re now at an age where they understand that. Listen, it’s not if life is going to kick you in the ass, it’s when. You have to be grounded at your foundation to be able to tolerate what comes your way. 

So here’s today’s training tip and life lesson. Make a promise, first to yourself, and to others when it applies, then follow through, with consequences if you don’t.